U.S.A Reasons

When America joined the foreign policy on the containment of Communism, both home and abroad, it was their duty to stop Communism from spreading to other countries. When the Soviet Union invaded Korea, the United States moved quickly to aid South Korea, who were the last ones left fighting off Communism. This was because the US feared that the Soviet Union was planning to take over the entire peninsula. They temporarily split the country in half at the 38 parallel. Once again in 1950, war broke out. North Korea troops invaded South Korea and condemned them all the way to the far southern coast of South Korea. The US came back to help South Korea once again.
The reason why the US became involved in the Korean conflict was mostly on the Cold War politics. The current president at the time, Truman, seized the moment to help someone out and defended a non-communist government from invasion. Truman also thought that the invasion on South Korea was just part of the bigger plan on the spread of communism. 
The main reason was to contain communism.
Notes From: http://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/korean-conflict/
North Korea was attacking with bombs on South Korea during the Korean War.

This is a picture of how the Korean War went out. You can observe and see where South Korea was meeting its end until US troops came in to aid them.

Communism Containment And the "Domino Theory"

In the 1950's, the "Domino Theory" was a U.S foreign policy. It meant that one communist victory in one nation would lead to a chain reaction and spread to other places nearby. In Southern Asia, they fought against the Domino Theory when North Korea invaded South Korea. 
Notes From: http://www.history.com/topics/domino-theory
Here is a great picture showing how the "Domino Theory" works. As you can see, it shows a Communist leader taking over other countries, while the U.S troops try and keep non-communist governments standing upright.

The 38th Parallel, where the border between Communist government and non-communist government.


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