Japan During WWII

During World War 2, Japan's government and economy were being destroyed. War for Japan made it a very poor country. Even at the begininning of World War 1, Japan's economical situation wasn't any good. The U.S dropped atomic bombs on Japan to make them surrender. Japan would have been in good shape if they didn't join the Axis Powers. It was during the Pacific War that the battle took a turn around on Japan. War destroyed Japan.
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Children of Japan holding an American flag.


The Role the U.S Had

The United States gave financial support to help rebuilt Japan's economy. It helped it into a market economy, and a government of constitutional monarchy. The U.S established other economic and social reforms, and turned it into a two-house legislature. They wanted to reestablish Japan into a good country. 
Notes From: http://teacherpages.hallco.org/webpages/dpeake/units.cfm?subpage=467359
People who helped the rebuilding of Japan.
General MacArthur and Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

Allied Occupation in Japan after WWII.


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