Tiananmen Square

On the sad day of Tiananmen Square, tens of thousands of Chinese troops came over to Tiananmen Square to get rid of the protesters. They killed a lot of workers and students alike, who were protesting for democracy. The reports on the deaths probably weren't true. Nearby hospitals said that they had only 68 corpses, and others did not say the number. Some students who survived said that there were at least 500. To try and protect themselves, the peaceful protesters threw blocks of concrete and wood. Those who were fighting back, or just watching passively  were fired at by the soldiers. The friends of those who died were devastated and for the past few days everyone was in tears.
Notes From: http://www.nytimes.com/1989/06/04/world/crackdown-beijing-troops-attack-crush-beijing-protest-thousands-fight-back.html?ref=tiananmensquare
Here is a picture of Tiananmen Square. You can see how large it is and probably how many people it could have filled.

This is a picture of students and workers protesting. Students would wave their school banners.

Communism In China

Communism in China was in control during 1947. The Communist Party of China was under Mao Zedong's control during 1927 until it gained power. The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution was issued to cleanse China with its purposes. In present time, China civilians now have some rights. There is free speech, press, worship, right to trial, and right to own property. A lot has changed over the time Communism ruled China, but it's still a Communist government non-the-less.
Notes From: http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~eroberts/cs181/projects/communism-computing-china/china.html
This was the leader of China Mao DeZong. He looks quite menacing.

The Impact

This day gravely impacted life in China. Communism overal was a big impact on China. After many years even, people are still in jail so that the government can hide them from the real world, so that everyone in China is still oblivious to China's harsh communist ways. After the Revolution in Tiannanmen Square, there has been some freedoms, like allowing newspaper and magazines. The economy is a little bit looser, but not by a lot. Communism still runs China, and it won't let go that easily. People who were major in Tiananmen Square are not only in jail, but beat and never to greet the light of day outside of prison.
Notes From: http://www.nytimes.com/1993/06/01/world/gentler-china-special-report-4-years-after-tiananmen-hard-line-cracking.html?ref=tiananmensquare
This is a picture of a couragous man who tried protecting the people in Tianamen Square, but later on removed by Communist followers.



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