Eastern Asia Confucianism

Confucianism was developed around the teachings of Confucius. It
was based on a set of Chinese classic texts. In Eastern Asia, Neo- Confucianism was founded and is fairly different from Southern Asia Confucianism. Confucianism from Southern Asia is just general Confucianism, but here they created Neo-Confucianism. Also, there are different customs and traditions. Most of the customs of Confucianism stayed the same, though.
 This is a summarized quote from this educational website about the Eastern Asian religion. 
“Neo Confucianism was later founded from Confucianism, but it far different from Confucianism itself. It was developed from the Song Dynasty and almost finished in late Ming Dynasty. Its origin can be found as early as the Tang Dynasty, often attributed to Tang Xie Tain. It has a great influence on East Asia. Zhu Xi is considered as the biggest master of Song where Neo-Confucianism and Wang
Yangming is the one of Ming’s. But there are conflicts between Zhu's and Wang's
Notes from: http://fore.research.yale.edu/religion/confucianism/
This is what the Confucianism Statue looks like in Eastern Asia. As you can see, the shaping and style of this statue and different from the one from Southern Asia. But, they both look like the same person, so that's the same.
The roof of these buildings are the same in both places. There is no difference in the building styles.
Here is another example of different statues in Eastern Asia. But for this statue, the face is different also. This statue looks more of a modern done statue.
Here is a picture from Confucianism Text in Eastern Asia.

Southern Asia Confucianism

Southern Asian Confucianism is not different from general
  Confucianism. The only place where it changes is Eastern Asia, because East Asia has had a tremendous influence on the culture and history of it. Confucianism everywhere is just the same as it is in Southern Asia. There is nothing to compare and contrast the two, except everything that changed in Eastern Asia is different from Southern and everything that stayed the same Eastern Asia is the same in Southern Asia.

The roof of this Southern Asian Confucianist building has the same top of the Eastern Asian building. The only difference is the blocks and build of it.

This is a picture of a statue in Southern Asia. This stature represents Confucianism.

This is what usual Confucianism Temples look like. Contrasted to Eastern Confucianism Temples, it looks a bit different.
Here are some Monks in Southern Asia studying the not changed Philosophy of Confucianism.

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